Welcome to Breathe Easy With Us

Our goal, and the reason we ask you to Breathe Easy With Us is to touch lives in a very direct and engaging way. CFF and many of the amazing organizations out there are impacting the CF community through funding and research development. It’s in our heart, to connect directly with CF patients in need, and drop care packages of love from the sky directly into their lap. It is a secondary, yet just as important goal, that we put the education in the minds and tools in the hands of the CF community on a global scale. We do this so that they can take their health into their own hands and improve their quality of life far beyond any statistics or text book recordings.

Educate With Us

We educate patients and care providers on everything from nutrition and wholistic treatments to fitness and alternative therapies, in order to improve the patients quality of life.Through partnerships with medical professionals and caregivers we are excited to be able to offer you the latest in information and updates regarding CF and how it affects you, as well as how to improve your quality of life. If you need specific information on any CF related topics, our network of physicians and BEWU staff can help you find and digest the information. Medical terms suck. We can fix that.

Airdrop Care Packages

If you, a family member or a friend has CF, you know all too well that a tune up or long term hospital stay can be looming around the corner at any time. This is where Breathe Easy With Us comes into play. We are dedicated to helping you and your family make the most of your situation with our Airdrop packages of love. When you receive your package you will find useful items, info and some awesome gifts to help your days in hospital fly by. You can find out more information about our Airdrop packages and how to get one by emailing breatheeasywithus@gmail.com

Breathe Easy Gear

At Breathe Easy With Us, we are non-stop working to help the lives of the CF community. In order to continue sending Airdrop packages and grow as a organization we need funds. Much of those funds come from kind donations from around the world, but what better way to raise money and help people to spread the message than by selling products geared towards the CF community. We are not just selling plain old tees, but high quality products that anyone would love to wear. And when you purchase one of our items in our store, all the funds go right back into building more Airdrops and helping more CF patients around the world.

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Come breathe easy with us. Whether you have CF or not, it’s people coming along side others and being involved in lives. Breathe Easy is about helping hearts and healing lungs. Reuben Samuels - Executive Director and Founder

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