About Us

About Us…

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects everything from the Pulmonary system to the digestive system. There is no cure… yet. There is, however, a wealth of treatments, supplements and medicine that can improve overall quality of life for CF patients.

Our mission is to take all of the information and resources available with proven treatments and alternative therapies, and boil it all down to the best possible blend and deliver it here.

We are also tapped directly into the pulse of the CF community and we are constantly aware of the great need for supplements and healing for those who don’t have access or are unable financially to get it. We are asking that you partner with us and help us provide these products to those in need and make an immediate difference in so many lives around the globe.

Our care packages are specifically planned out with the patient in mind. We get to know them, understand their current situation and fill a need. We also do our best to brighten their day and provide comfort for the family who is almost always deeply involved in the worries and stresses of having a loved one that is ill.

We also are in the business of educating the medical community about additional therapies, not necessarily available in hospitals or doctor’s offices. We are available to speak in seminar forums, health conventions, classrooms, and right there in the hallways of the hospital. We have connected with some of the top specialists in CF medicine all the way to the med student just getting started. People outside the community are well on our radar too! We love educating schools and kids for fundraisers and any kind of community service groups.

So how is all of this possible? It is entirely made possible by wonderful folks like you, Breathing Easy With Us. Fantastic people who donate funds, purchase our awesome gear, and volunteer time to help us touch lives. The majority of the money brought in by product sales goes directly into purchasing items for the care packages and covering shipping. The rest of the funds are spent in maintaining product availability and keeping the gears of this operation turning.

Without you none of this is possible. Thank you, for your continued support and contributions, keep an eye out for more cool items in our store, and to see how your are having a direct impact on CF patients world wide.

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