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Creating a Sodium Arsenal

Creating a Sodium Arsenal

SALT is a necessary element to our everyday survival we secrete salt especially when we sweat.  When we lose salt there is the potential of dehydration, replacing the salt we lose is important to remain hydrated.  Salt is quintessential for muscle function, nerve cell health and to improve the flow of fluid to the cells.  I personally am not a fan of the standard salt product we all know, but that does not stop me from getting the sodium I need to maintain my sodium chloride levels.  Over the years I have built an arsenal of sodium-laden ingredients that amp up my salt intake without having to use salt as the basis for doing so.  Even if you love salt, here are three other magical ingredients to add to your pantry:

Miso: There are typically THREE types of miso that you can find anywhere which are light, medium and dark, it stands for color and flavor profiles (light is gentle and dark is rich and full bodied).  I personally run to the dark and I like to have it as soup for breakfast, though the standard soup uses the light version.  Don’t be fooled by the miso in packets, they are not the real deal, you want the fresh stuff, you can even make a big batch for the week and throw in your favorite veggies and tofu for added protein.  Miso can also be diluted and added to your favorite stir-frys or into dips.  It is especially nice paired with ginger (it also settles the stomach).

Miso is a paste and needs to be diluted with hot water in order to be used.  It contains approximately 600-800 mg sodium per serving.
Miso strengthens the immune system, high in antioxidants, has beneficial probiotics as well as stimulating the secretion of digestive solutions.

Umeboshi Plums: Comes in several forms, Vinegar, Paste (Puree) and Pickled Plums.  Umeboshi can be used in many different ways added to sauces, stir-frys, dressings even added to tea.  You can find Umeboshi at health food stores.  I am a fan of using this to create a cureall tea, it tastes awful but the healing properties are worth the taste.
Umeboshi can vary in its sodium content depending on the end product.  The vinegar can have approximately 1050 mg sodium, Pickled Plum contains 710 mg sodium, and Puree contains 340 mg sodium per serving.

Umeboshi is used for medical purposes such as counteracting nausea, reducing fevers, and controlling coughs.

Tamari/Shoyu: These two sauces are a more potent form of soy sauce.  Tamari is a wheat free version and Shoyu has a higher sodium ratio.  These are perfect to add to soups, salad dressings, sauces, stir-frys, on scrambled eggs or tofu to add a pop of flavor.  This sauce is highly fermented and is perfect to add flavor in any dish.
Tamari has 990 mg of sodium and Shoyu has 1010 mg of sodium per serving.

A small amount of this will go a long way!

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